KADRA HR Management System, personnel management, application

KADRA HR Management System

KADRA HR Management System: The solution offered by KADRA for optimal human resource management in medical units.

The complete and correct management of personnel presence in state-owned or private medical units includes a wide variety of actions:

  • Collecting presences and data regarding absences, number of hours performed, work leaves and permission slips;
  • correct management of shifts and a judicious assignment of human resources in the most requested areas of activity;
  • monitoring colaborators’ hours etc.

The KADRA app for managing staff presence

Management System, specialized in managing human resources for hospitals or medical clinics, can significantly reduce margins of error, automating the detection, control and management processes regarding medical personnel presence and assignment.

The HRFlow app allows employees to input daily justifications (justification documents, work-leave, extra hours, absences) and allows supervisors to approve them.

More than a software

Can be accessed from any place, at any moment, from a PC, tablet, or a smartphone.

You can download it directly at the society’s headquarters, using it in cloud or based on the security of a data center provided by the provider.

You benefit from specialized consultancy for the implementation of the entire project.

KADRA HR Management System, gestionare personal

4 KADRA HR Management System apps


  • Payroll
  • Presences
  • Workflow presences
  • Costs and budget
  • Benefits of social assisstence offered by the society
  • Human Resources File
  • Compensation and evaluation
  • Recruiting
  • Formation


  • Innovative software for salary management

Integrated access and timekeeping control system

  • Controls access flows in buildings

Management of workforce

  • Estimations
  • Exchanges
  • Presence sheets
KADRA HR Management System, personnel management