Access in Bucharest One inspired by The Parliament Palace of London

Doors were installed at Bucharest ONE, similar to the ones at the Parliament Palace of London, revolving doors provided by the German producer Blasi, part of RECORD Group.

Global Worth has chosen, for the second tallest building in Bucharest, solutions at very high standards.

For the entrance doors, a global renown solution was chosen –BLASI automatic revolving doors.

For the entrance doors, a global renown solution was chosen –BLASI automatic revolving doors.

Company BLASI is recognized worldwide for the doors provided within the renown projects:

The Parliament of London, Berlin, Strasbourg, office buildings – More London Offices, Munich Metropolitan Office Building, international airports, company offices (RolsRoyce, Samsung, L´Oréal) etc.

RECORD Group, which BLASI is part of, is one of the greatest manufacturers of automatic doors worldwide.

Bucharest One, Usi Automate Blasi, usi rotative automate

Bucharest One – (Global Worth Tower)

At the beginning of 2014, the construction of a mammoth of Bucharest commenced.

At the junction of streets:

Barbu Vacarescu, Calea Floreasca and Soseaua Pipera, Bucharest One is rising towards the sky.

Afterwards, Bucharest One changed its name to Global Worth Tower.

Bucharest One, the second tallest building in the capital, started its ascension, having a total of 27 floors, of which:

3 underground floors

1 floor – ground floor

23 higher floors, of which one technical floor

Having 118 m, Bucharest One is the second tallest building in Bucharest, outmatched only by Sky Tower, the neighboring building, 137 meters high.

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Relevant Information  – Bucharest One

Bucharest One building was designed to provide to its customers high quality office space. Mai exact, aproximativ 60.000 de m² au fost oferiti spre inchiriere companiilor interesate.

More precisely, approximately 60.000 de m² were offered for renting purposes to the companies concerned.

Other companies which have signed for space in Bucharest One were:

  • Naturally, the space was quickly commissioned for use, Vodafone Romania chose to relocate its office to Bucharest One, to an area of 16.000 m²by signing a 10-year contract.
  • Huawei, with a 5-year contract for less space than Vodafone, of only 2500 m2.

    NNDKP Law Firm, which rented fully the 18th floor of building Bucharest One.
  • Wipro, the Outsourcing company
  • Mega Image, which rented most of the ground floor of Bucharest One building.

Currently, the price for one m, according to, is 16 euros/m²/ month.

According to a simple calculation of the available space, Bucharest One may have an annual revenue of 2.560.000 euros merely from the renting of office space.

Naturally, not taking into account negotiations and discounts.

To facilitate vehicle transit, Bucharest One provides 514 parking places in the underground parking system and 124 places for parking outside.

2 Blasi automatic revolving doors mounted at Bucharest One

The pedestrians were not, of course, forgotten. To provide the pedestrians with an exceptional access way, safe and quick, to Bucharest One, KADRA mounted 2 K21 Blasi automatic revolving doors.

Bucharest One building was erected at the intersection of 3 large trunks, near a metro station and with numerous adjacent buildings.

Due to this fact, the access way has to allow controlled access for a large number of persons.

Thus, 2 K21 automatic revolving doors, with 2 wings, 4400 mm diameter and 2400 mm high were installed.

The actuator of the automatic revolving door was mounted above the door to allow the installation of 2 extra options:

Air curtain for maintaining the inside temperature.

The swinging door integrated in the wings of the revolving door with “Break-out” role in case of emergency.

This facilitates quick and safe evacuation of the persons in the building.


The entrance door is a building’s calling card, the element which may bring a plus to the image of the building. Bucharest One is a building designed to be a symbol of elegance in Bucharest, a building designed to attract large companies and to inspire their employees through the services provided.

In this context, a special, high standing solution was necessary. The BLASI portfolio of works, the 40 plus years of experience of the German engineers and the passion for the design and construction of each door, were the arguments leading to the selection of this brand.

Not lastly, BLASI’s appurtenance to Record group is the guarantee of impeccable post-sale services.

Not lastly, BLASI’s appurtenance to Record group is the guarantee of impeccable post-sale services.