Smoke exhaustion with Simon RWA motors at The National Theatre

In 2005, it was established that the rehabilitation of the building was necessary and the works started in 2011.

The works lasted 3 years, the National Theatre, rehabilitated, was commissioned in November 2014.

Information on the works – The National Theatre

The investment required for the renovation of The National Theatre was 73 million Euros.

23 million were from the Council of Europe’s Development Bank and 50 million Euros from the Romanian Government.

The renovation undertaken at The National Theatre was divided into 3 large projects:

  • Left building (Intercontinental)
  • Right building (Bulevardul Carol I)
  • Upper Central building

Within the rehabilitation of the left building (Intercontinental), KADRA provided 30 arm motors edition 2 – EA-KL²-t for the automation of the swinging doors and 50 motors for the automation of the L35 windows (model also for the National Library).

The 15 automatic swinging doors use arm motors edition 2 – EA-KL²-t for opening doors automatically in case of fire.

This mechanism has a dual role:

  • Door opening for quick and safe evacuation of the persons inside the building.
  • Creation of a natural air flow designed to push the smoke towards the smoke hatches in the roof and the smoke exhaust windows mounted in the facade (actuated by Comunello LIWIN L35 motors provided by KADRA).

Firefighting measures – The National Theatre

In case of fire, both the automatic swinging doors mounted at the entrance (Intercontinental area) and the automatic windows with L35 motors open automatically, even in case of power failure, being powered at 24V.

The solution used for creating a natural air flow through the swinging doors at the entrance was the only technical solution available due to the design of the building, which did not allow the embedding of large windows in the facade, of a damp system or any similar mechanisms.

The Normative on Fire Safety of Constructions P 118 provides, for smoke exhaustion, in case of fire (smoke exhaustion) in crowded rooms, as well as in the adjacent areas accessible to the public, the following:

  • the existence, in the upper third area, of smoke exhaustion devices automatically actuated
  • well-balanced placement and distribution as even as possible
  • total area of at least 1/100 of the surface of the hall or assurance of smoke exhaustion by mechanical system.

Simon RWA door actuation motors (located in the lower area of the facade) and Comunello LIWIN L35 motors for windows actuation are synchronized.

In case of fire, the doors open automatically, letting in fresh air, and the windows open automatically, to let the smoke out.

The pressure difference generated will ensure the quick evacuation of the smoke.

The system provided by KADRA at The National Theatre complies with the provisions of Normative P 118, which require that, in case of natural exhaustion of air by sweeping, the synchronizing of the smoke venting ways and of the fresh airways – when the introduction of the exhaust air (the intake of fresh air/compensation air) is made through the door, it will be provided, at its lower part, with a grill the opening of which will be ordered with that of the hatch (of the smoke exhaustion window).

Solutions Provider – The National Theatre

The solution provided at The National Theatre solves, at the same time, the issue of fresh air supply and the issue of evacuation in case of emergency, by using the Simon RWA door motors.

The modernization of The National Theatre provides, currently, enhanced personal safety by compliance with the Normative on the Fire Safety of Constructions P 118.

For Intercontinental Area of The National Theatre, the compliance with Normative P 118 is ensured by the use of 30 arm motors edition 2 – EA-KL²-t for automatic swinging doors and 50 motors for the automation of Comunello Liwin L35 windows provided by KADRA.

German Company Simon RWA Systems is a pioneer of the solutions for smoke exhaustion and emergency evacuation, providing advanced solutions worldwide, since 1960.

Simon RWA is available in Romania, through KADRA.

Evacuation in case of fire and smoke exhaustion are two important elements for buildings.

The IGSU operation permits are granted in compliance with the assurance of personal fire protection.