Timisoara City Hall developed a project for the support of contractors in the field of Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) named Incubox.

This project, estimated at 19 million lei built with funds from the City Hall, but also by European financing, represents a good example for the administration bodies of major cities in Romania.

Incubox building was designed by “Andreescu & Gaivoronschi” Architecture Office and stands apart both by its modern design and by the technical solutions used.

KADRA provided the polycarbonate used to build the facades.

The architects chose to use for facades this innovative system built from modular polycarbonate panels.

The entire surface of the building, of approximately 2800 sqm is built by this panel system joined after the classical nut-feder solution.

Incubox is already a brand gaining notoriousness due to the innovative nature of the construction, becoming a symbol of the project.

The modular polycarbonate panels are 40 mm thick, are provided with 11 sides having the outer layer colored in blue.

The panels feature UV-protection and come with a 10-years guarantee.

Moreover, the panels were extruded with an IR filter layer which diminishes dramatically the greenhouse effect and ensures comfort inside also in summertime.

The panels provide heat insulation of 0.97 W/mpK and soundproofing of 24 dB.

With this polycarbonate plate system, continuous facades may be built with a minimal supporting structure in the back.

The outer surface obtained is a continuous one, with no visible fastening.

Due to this innovative system, Incubox practically becomes a compact and continuous polycarbonate box, benefitting from a series of resulting advantages.

This technical solution for facades provides good thermal insulation, enhanced protection, possibility of replacement, easy changing of areas of the facade, short assembly times, low cost on maintenance and repairs (replacement) being one of the most highly indicated in terms of overall costs.

KADRA actively participates in the changing of the construction market in Romania.

We believe that Romania needs bold and smart projects such as Incubox, responsible local administration bodies and architects with vision and courage.

We believe that our team which built Incubox project, is worth being taken as an example in this respect.

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