harta sedii KADRA


Write to us using the form below or call us at the phone number: 0737 975 305 (valid for the whole country). You can write to us at the e-mail address: contact@kadra.ro.

KADRA is headquartered in Cluj and has national offices in Bucharest and Timisoara. By filling in the form or by calling the number above, you will be redirected to the appropriate national office.

Contact data
  • Phone: 0737 975 305
  • Email: contact@kadra.ro
  • Web: kadra.ro
1. Cluj-Napoca
  • Address

    Tăietura Turcului Street, no. 47, KADRA building

2. Bucharest
  • Address

    Dudești-Pantelimon Road, no.42

3. Timișoara
  • Address

    Calea Lugojului, No.140/3