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Custom accessories

Solutions produced in Italy by the market world-leader, CAME

Custom accessories

Optimizes security levels and completes the automation system All alternatives have been designed and built according to European standards, to respect market demands and to simplify your choice-making.

Easy installing, external or internal, or with practical installing on anodized aluminum columns, with impossible-to-break support.

Selective switches with key

The selective switches in the SETrange are made from poured under pressure aluminum and can be installed externally or integrated; they are resistant to meteorological factors, can resist to break-in or vandalism tentatives. Available with plastic or magnetic key or with impulse repeater.

The impulse repeater’s sensor

The SETseries also has an independent impulse repeater sensor, which limits access to the owners of a impulse repertoire with a card, badge and keychain; up to 250 users.

Digital selective switches

The selective switches in the DIGITALseries are devices used for local control of the closing devices, through a personalized numeric code. Made with stainless steel and aluminum, these are packed with a security system that increases safety and reliability. Also available with 433.92 MHz radio technology for exterior, with 4 memorable codes and passwords for access to programming.

Magnetic sensor

This vehicle detector with a single 24 V AC/DC channel uses an electromagnetic bobbin and can be implemented in all the Came control pannels. Appropriate especially for applications in environments that need access control and transit adjustment.

The operating principle is based on the measurement of the modifications in the magnetic bobbin’s inductance. A vehicle that passes over the bobbin causes a reduction in the relative inductance measured by the sensor. This detection causes the activation of a relay that is connected to the external devices.

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