industrial doors and gates ironwork

In order to ensure the optimal functionality of the automations and to prolong their lifespan,quality ironwork products are absolutely necessary. KADRA offers, for industrial gates and doors, a range of innovative and practical solutions, conceived and manufactured in accordance with European standards for quality.
KADRA willput the entire range of ironwork at your disposal: different dimentions ot rolls, rails, profiles, racks, bolts, guides and stops to complete or ease the automation process. The available products are dealt by Comunello, the italian producer, which has a tradition of over 45 years in the domain. All the products are made in Italy and are easy to use, mount and adjust.

ironwork- self-supptoring systems

Complete solutions

Self-supporting system kits. These Kits are perfectly compatible with all the CAME automation solutions presented in the pages destined to it on the KADRA site.

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