bariera automata

Gard 8: access barriers for big openings, industrial and public use.

Traffic access barriers for openings of up to 7.6 meters. Fine profiles and round edges for a solution destined for big access points. A modern-style barrier with a nice aesthetic aspect.
LED intermittent lighting
The rounded LED signaling lamp, which guarantees safety and had a long lifespan, as well as the photocells, can be integrated in the body. The barrier also has intermittent signal lights with bright cable, for an increased visibility of the arm.

Safe intervention
An electronic contact automatically interrupts the fueling tension at every opening of the trap door.

Diferentiated sensibility springs
Ensure the perfect balance of the barrier’s arm.

The protection case of a vehicle access barrier’s arm.
Protection against bumps and risks caused by the arm’s rotation. The protective sleeve protects against risk of cutting during the arm’s movement, in opening or closing.

AISI 304 stainless steel case also available.

Unique integration
The security photocells are fixed directly on the barrier’s body, without affecting the product’s aspect.

Innovative arm with connector
Horizontal opening permitted in case of accidental impact.

Energetic economy

  • Inactivity mode. The device reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle access barrier when the closing device is not in use.
  • Compatible with the solarZero-E electrical panel.

Advantages of the 24V electronical elements of a vehicle access barrier.

The 24V DC powering is the most recommended choice for intensive use.

  • No more power outages. The electronic elements automatically detect any power outage and activate the emergency operation, with the help of the spare batteries.
  • Speed control. According to the requirements, the electronic elements can regulate the operating speed.
  • Intense use. The low-tension gear motors ensure the ideal functioning of the barrier under intense use conditions.
  • Obstacle detection. A specialized electronic circuit analyses normal operation, stopping or reversing a vehicle access barrier’s movement when facing obstacles.

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