Sisteme parcare cu bariera

Automated barrier parking systems

Components automated parking systems


The terminals issue entry tickets and validate them upon exiting the parking lot using modern technology that allows drivers to perform operations without leaving their vehicles. Attractive design, easily integrates into the modern architecture of new urban centers.


The automatic electromechanical barrier plays the role of controlling the entry and exit of vehicles in/out of parking areas or spaces equipped with automated parking systems. It is recommended for traffic control in transit areas with heavy traffic, such as public or private automated parking, road toll payment booths, customs, and border crossings with constant traffic.


The automatic systems provided by KADRA are, in fact, unmanned payment stations designed for collecting parking fees through cash collection or payment with a bank card. Cutting-edge technology facilitates data management and enables high-speed payment operations to be carried out safely.

SOFTWARE – automatic parking systems

The packages of programs and applications that form the basis of all parking systems offered by KADRA consist of separate software modules that are fully customizable based on the specific characteristics of each individual project. The equipment system allows for the configuration of operating parameters and real-time display of data.


The manual payment machine offered by KADRA integrates the ability to handle cash or card payments and operates with human-assisted operation by an operator.
KADRA’s automated parking systems feature an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen interface. They support all desired payment methods such as card payments, cash transactions, discounts, vouchers, gift certificates, and more. These systems also allow for the generation of reports and analysis.

Application areas include: