Fire-resistant curtains

Fire protection

  • Fire-resistant curtains

    Cortine rezistente la foc, protectie la foc

Fire-resistant curtains – general information

Fire protection

Fireproof curtains against spreading of the fire and smoke are a crucial element of security in case of a fire. Also, they are a necessary component, from a construction regulation point of view.

Fire-resistant curtains are an important component of the fire-protection and avoidance of fire occurence and spread plans, as well as of ensuring evacuation and rescue ways. Through using these modern systems, approved at European level, architects keep their freedom of design. Fireproof curtains are used especially for highly frequented buildings, as are malls, underground parkings and public spaces. KADRA offers the Fire PROtec® fire-resistant curtain and the Smoke PROtec® smoke curtains in Romania, produced by the German company SIMON RWA.

Control and promptitude- fireproof curtains

Fire protection

Fire- resistant curtains are innovative products that use a light, thin and flexible material (glass fiber fabric, armed with high alloy stainless steel), with resistance to fires.

In some situations, they can be an alternative for sliding fireproof doors. An advantage of a fire- resistant curtain is the fact that it doesn’t require large spaces around the empty space that it closes. They are in the “normal open” position and close gravitationally at the start of a fire. Opening (rising of the curtain) is done by a little electric engine and is equipped with a control panel. The closing can be triggered by the building’s smoke operation system or by the independent smoke detectors.

Fire- resistant curtains – advantages

Fire protection

  • Reduced gauge, possibility of quasi-invisible integration in architecture elements.
  • Needs little assembly space
  • The visible elements are aesthetic and can have finishings adapted to each interior.
  • They are an easy fire-protection solution, they don’t add big loads to the buildings’ structural elements.
  • Can be assembled after the building’s finishing touches.

Fire-resistant curtains – complete information

Fire protection

  • European regulations impose for the buildings to be placed, built, modified or maintained in conditions that prevent fires, but also the spread of fire and smoke, which makes saving people and animals possible, as well as efficiently putting out the fire.
  • The fire-resistant curtains are a very important component of the fire-prevention and spread-prevention building plans, as well as ensuring rescue and evacuation access ways.
  • Through using these modern fire-resistant curtain systems, approoved on at European level, the architects get to keep their freedom in design. The fireproof curtains are used especially in buildings with high traffic, like malls, underground parkings and public spaces.
  • A new product, with superior qualities, the PROtec® fire-resistant curtains, dealt by SIMON RWA, are produced in Germany, using glass fiber, armed with stainless steel, with fire resistance. The fiber weave is fire-resistant, according to DIN EN 1634-3 and resistant to heat for up to 120 minutes. Rooms are closed for 90 minutes; in addition, in the first 20 minutes of a fire, The SIMON RWA curtains block thermic radiation of below 15 kW/sqM, thus ensuring an evacuation aisle. The curtains have certification in accordance to European Standard EN 13501-2, E 90 EW 20 C2.
  • In some situations, they can be an alternative for fire resistant sliding doors. An advantage can be created by the fact that they don’t require much space around the hollow space they close off.
  • The fireproof curtains are rolled into a metal case in the superior area of the empty space in the wall. They stay in the “normal open” position and close gravitationally when a fire starts (redundant system). In the case of the fire alarm being triggered (or the activation of the smoke sensors), the control panel will cut fuel for the curtain, and the latter will descend under gravitational pull, yet in a controled manner. Even in case of a power outage, the curtain descends by itself, in 60 seconds. The curtain rises using a tubular engine, fueled at 24 V. The RSV-500 command unit controls a fire-resisstant curtain’s speed in both directions.
carcasa rulou

Rolled casing

sectiune stalpi interior

Lateral pole section

Curtain material
Glass fiber weaving, covered with fluorocarbon – approximately 680 g/sqM, according to the DIN 4102-1, A2 norm. Color: grey
DescentGravitational, fail-safe
Rising24 V DC, 3 A tubular engine, with electromechanical brake
Maximum moment 4Nm and tubular axle, integrated into the case
AssemblyOn wall or in ceiling
Maximum dimentionsL= 6000 mm, H= 6000 mm
Rolled casing1.2 mm steel board, electrostatically painted RAL 7035, 150 x 180 mm or 180 x 210 mm (for curtains bigger than 3000 mm).
Lateral guiding1.2 mm steel board, with electrostatic painting RAL 7035, 50 x 100 mm
Inferior profile
Steel board profile, with electrostatoc painting RAL 7035, with integrated steel bar
ClasificationE 90 EW 20 C2, according to DIN EN 13501-2
Fire resistant90 minutes

Certifications and testing reports – curtains

Fire protection

The Fire PROtec® fire resistant curtains are tested in accordance with EN1634-1, E 90 EW 20 C2 classification, according to DIN EN 13501-2 (E90 : confining the room for 90 minutes | EW20: limitig the thermic radiation for 20 minutes | C2: Auto-closing, tested at 10.000 cycles)

  • Fireproof weaving, according to DIN 4102-1, A2 and smoke resistant, according to DIN EN 1634-3
  • Functionality testing at 10.000 cycles, according to DIN EN 1191
  • Test for resistance to weathertight situations for exterior use.