Emega-CAME, usi garaj automate, automatizari usi garaj

CAME Emega garage door automations

Reconfiguring urban frontiers. Since 1993

CAME garage door automations- designed for all types of garage doors; the solutions offered by Kadra specialists for Came garage door automations are perfect for new buildings, but also for being integrated in existent constructions.

By choosing the right solution from the point of view of dimensions and functionality, you can automatize the garage door without extra costs or structural changes to the gate.

Everything becomes easy and quick when the garage door automatically responds to your commands, ensuring a maximum of comfort and safety.

Medium and big doors

Emega was designed for intensive automating of big and medium gates, of up to 14 square meters. Ideal for garages with low ceilings or small main beams.

Adapted to your needs.

There are three methods for installation, depending on the structure type and necessity: independent- central or lateral, or double, lateral installing. The presence of a pedestrian door directly onto the structure is not a problem.

CAME Emega garage door automation Benefits

For installers: EN tested technology for easy certification of the systems, according to European standards.

For users: Periodical maintenance is not necessary; auto-diagnose function for security devices before the closing device’s placing into service.

Complete control through door automations

  • The 24V electronic elements allow the adjustment of maneuvre speed and allow a slow and silenyt closing in of the sashes.
  • Convenient, practical integrated version, that allows manual opening of the superior door, in case of a power outage, even from the exterior, by using the handle.

230V electronic elements

  • Coding device for obstacle detection and management of speed during closing, for a safe and silent closing of the door.
  • Immediate stopping of the door through radio-command.

There are two engines necessary for very big garage door automation, or for when there are pedestrian doors.

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