automatizari usi de garaj

CAME V6000 garage door automations

Reconfiguring urban frontiers. Since 1993

Maximum usage of space, excellent performance of the automation system, easy to use and high-standard safety. Conceived for all types of garage doors, the Came solutions offered by the KADRA specialists for garage door automations are perfect for new buildings but also for integration in existent buildings.

Forget about the problems of a garage door with slow and stuck movement and the effort put in for using such a garage door.

Advanced solution for garage door automations

The V6000 automation is designed to automate all types of garage doors from residential areas: superior doors with counterweight, arch, and sectionals.
The 24V DC electronic elements offer optimal performance to the user, having a maximum tractive force of 500N.

Functional for any kind of request for garage doors.

Refined and elegant design, first-class material manufacturing, such as polished polycarbonate, fiable technology and proven technology.

Different guiding, with chains and belts, allow the closing device to adapt to any type of door and installation request.

Advantages- CAME garage door automation solution

  • Integrated display for displaying and recording functions.
  • Complete innovative design. The case integrates the electronic and control display, as well as the emergency batteries for opening in the event of a power outage (optional).
  • The wake light, for illuminating the room and securing access, with automated stopping.
  • Arm adapter, for facilitating counterweighted superior door movement (optional).
  • Transmission lever for manual liberation of the closing device, which can connect to the door handle, for opening from the outside (optional).

24V electronic elements.

  • Maximum security, even when the engine is not moving: electronic elements deactivate any command if the security device detects an obstacle.
  • Obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit stops or reverts movement in case of accidental impact.
  • No more power blackouts, thanks to the integrated batteries (optional), for closing and opening the garage in any situation.

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