Automatizari usi de garaj Emega40

CAME Emega40 garage door automation

Reconfiguring urban frontiers. Since 1993

For all types of garage doors

Emega40 is a 24 V DC closing device, with integrated functional display, for garage doors no bigger than 9 square meters. Also available in the gearmotor-only version, in the situations in which using two engines is essential, such as large doors with insulation, up to 14 square meters in size.

Ideal for fast and silent transportation of all types of superior counterweighted springed doors, regardless whether they are constructed with just steel, wood or insulated material.


  • Intensive use. Designed for improving passage, even when intensive use of the door is necessary.
  • Object detection. The coding device’s technology constantly analyses the normal use of the door, stopping or reversing the direction of movement, when obstacles interfere.
  • Durable and reliable construction. The pressure-poured aluminum structure can hold up under pressure produced during intensive use, for example, in apartment buildings.
  • Complete innovative design. Emega40’s case includes electronic elements and a management dash/display, as well as batteries, for opening the door in case of emergency.
  • Automated domestic connection. Management through the hei domestic automated system; Control of automation and functioning completely manageable on the hei touchscreen.
  • Maximum functionality. Easy setup, enabled by the small dimensions of the product.
  • Unlimited compatibility. Completely compatible with the same installation plate as the Emega system, to ensure the possibility of interchanging between two closing devices.
  • Release lever. Located on the case, it permits connection to the standard lever, to manually open the door from the outside.
  • Emergency batteries.Available within our accessory line, the batteries for emergencies allow operation of the door during power outages; they can be completely included in the closing device’s case.

Total control over the closing device

The command and programming keyboard, integrated in the external component of the automation available quick.

  • Initial setup
  • Closing and opening command
  • Functional display
  • Speed control
  • Slowing control
  • LED signaling for functionality diagnose

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