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Gate Safety Accessories

Solutions produced in Italy by the market world-leader, CAME

Gate Safety Accessories

A complete range of accessories for gates for completing the automation system, in accordance with the applicable European standards: photocells with or without cable and sensible margins.

Synchronization of the infrared ray

The series DeltaS and Dir photocells have a synchronized infrared technology, which makes possible the application of more pairs of photocells in the same system, as well as in double-height and/or close versions, with no risk of interference and without transmitter and receptor position inversion.

Delta photocell- Gate Safety Accessories

Delta it is an infrared photocell; Delta S is a synchronized infrared photocell. Both have an action radius of 20 meters and are available as external or integrated versions, along with the case.
Also available are aluminum columns for two-way installing.

Dir photocell- Gate Safety Accessories

Dir it is an synchronized infrared photocell, with an action radius of 10, 20, and up to 30 meters. Simple external application, or integrated. The double-height column available in case of installation in an area of heavy vehicle traffic. Accessories include special aluminum alloy case, resistant to shock.

Wireless photocells- Gate Safety Accessories

Db it is a wireless infrared security device; available as one or two ray versions. The system is especially adequate for obtaining an easy coverage of the perimeter and guarantee of total system security. Battery-powered. Maximum action range- 10 meters.

Sensible security margins

Df its is a patented Came product, according to EN 12978 and EN 954-1 standards. It is used on garage gate and door installation, with a maximum installing length of 6 meters.

Integrated protection system

In the case of closing devices for sliding doors (Bx and Bk series), the Db photocell allows inclusion of the Df sensible margin security system on the mobile segment, without interfering with complex cablework.

Thus ensuring complete safety regarding movement of the segments, especially where an intense traffic of users is forseen.

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